Carlos Tevez’s advisor, Kia Joorabchian, has today expanded on the reasons why the player wanted to leave Manchester City just 12 months after signing from United.

He says the club promised the player certain things, which had nothing to do with money, and failed to see them through.

“At the end of last season Carlos was very disappointed and upset after City didn’t qualify for the Champions League,” Joorabchian said. “He’d seen things which had gone on in the season and he made his feelings known. He felt maybe the time had come for him to move on, but City wanted him to stay. Carlos believes that he had certain promises and personal assurances made to him, which had nothing to do with money and he was let down. There were issues Carlos raised and it was requested that if he stayed calm until after the transfer window, and City concentrated on their transfer targets, then in September his concerns would be addressed. They made him some promises, he made them some promises. In his view they didn’t keep theirs and he kept his. The specific details can’t be revealed because we are bound by confidentiality. But City know those issues weren’t about money. Their offer would have made Carlos easily the highest-paid Premier League player.”

Now, we all know Tevez is a money grabbing whore, but there is some sense to these comments. It has been revealed that City offered Tevez a one off payment of £1m in a bid to make him stay (which should send a queue of City players also claiming they want to leave in the hopes of a massive pay off to stay) and that they offered him an improved contract on the one he had signed just a year before, but he has turned both these things down, so desperate is he to leave.

Want to bet Tevez was promised Wayne Rooney would soon be joining him at City and, since the deal fell through, he now definitely wants out again?

Despite money being the usual assumption where Tevez is concerned, it actually makes a lot of sense that it was a signing that Tevez was promised, given the fact he turned down an improved offer. He wanted to play in the Champions League, City had spent £100s of million trying to get there and failed, so the capture of one of the best players in the country, instead of the good, but not great, players they have been signing from other Premier League clubs.

Tevez waited until the end of the transfer window and nothing happened, probably with the promise of Rooney coming in January. It was all going to plan in October when Rooney told the world he wanted to leave because Manchester United were not an ambitious enough club for him. With just over 18 months remaining on his current deal, we’d have no choice but to sell him in January if we wanted the best deal for him. Perfect.

But then Rooney got slated from all angles and backtracked. Brand Rooney was taking another massive hit, as if sleeping with a prostitute behind his pregnant wife’s back wasn’t bad enough, with the press bewildered as to how he could say United lack ambition, with fans showing up at his door making threats, and Sir Alex Ferguson pulling out all the stops in that ’emotional’ press conference.

And then Tevez hands in a transfer request.

Joorabchian is putting the pressure on City, who know that if it revealed what was promised to Tevez, they are royally fucked. Obviously United weren’t in discussions with City over Rooney, which will show that they tapped him up. No wonder Joorabchian is bound by confidentiality on this one.

Just a theory. But food for thought.