MUST are urging Manchester United fans to take our protests to the next level on Sunday, in what is our final opportunity before the summer to let our unhappiness with our current owners known.

“Glazer Out” kits will be handed to any fans who want them, containing a flag, whistle and cards. The cards read “GO!” with the plan being to hold these cards up every time there is a goal or ball/cameras are nearby.

MUST have reiterated the point that the players should be fully supported and this has been a pattern that has been seen throughout the protests in the ground. The anti-Glazer songs only tend to be heard, particularly with any repetition, once United are a goal or two ahead.

The priority on Sunday is for the crowd to cheer our players on to wrap up the win, with the hope of Wigan doing us a massive favour to secure the league. But once we have that win, the anti-Glazer protests should really pick up some momentum.

Word in the papers today is that the player have predictably been told than under no circumstance can they pick up any green and gold scarves when lapping the pitch after the final whistle. There is no room for the players to plead ignorance, as Beckham did, with it being drilled in to them that it would be totally unacceptable to show any solidarity with the fans in protest. Gary Neville has already distanced himself from the protests, whilst Patrice Evra, has offered his support.

The Red Knights, who have received MUST’s backing, will be putting in a bid for ownership of the club this summer, which reportedly would give the fans a 25% stake in United.



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