TNSSO is up to his usual tricks with the press this week, having a go at decisions made in United’s favour over Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic.

Mourinho believes both players should be missing for both games against Inter Milan and will stomp his feet and shout about it until people pay attention to him. Not content with talking about these decisions months ago when they both occurred, Mourinho will keep hammering out his point (kindof like Mad Rafa).

Moaninho 1: Vidic
“I think Nemanja Vidic should be suspended for both legs, not just this week’s game. We will certainly try to make things uncomfortable for the United defence without him at the San Siro.”

Moaninho 2: Rooney

“Back in 2005 Uefa used TV evidence to suspend Michael Essien for a challenge that he made in the Champions League against Liverpool. Against Aalborg, Rooney made a challenge that deserved punishment. But nothing happens. What is the difference between Michael Essien from Chelsea and Wayne Rooney from Manchester United? I don’t think there is a difference.”

I’ll explain the difference. UEFA looked at the video evidence of both cases. With Essien’s they believed a red card was appropriate, with Rooney, they didn’t. There is the difference. Simple. Add to that the fact the Aalborg player was fighting Rooney’s corner and we can see just how much of a difference there is.

“I heard UEFA is looking at this but I don’t think Rooney should be suspended,” said Risgaard. “I haven’t seen the situation on TV yet as we had our Christmas party the day after the match but I can understand it looks bad on TV.”

Believe it or not, Hamann, who was on the receiving end of Essien’s horror tackle, was not saying the same of Essien.