Carlos Tevez wants to play regular football. We get it. Whilst I was very much on the side of the player a few months ago, my patience is starting to wear thin.

His loan deal runs out in the summer and the club have said this is when they will address it. Tevez knows this.

He has made it clear that he wants to stay just as the club have let it be known they want to keep him, so why does he feel the need to keep talking to the press about his future?

Even if he was blowing us away with his performances of late I’d begrudge him talking this way, let alone now when he’s been fairly ineffective of late.

“I have many offers, not only from Spain: I need to see which club I can go to and what can be done,” said Tevez. “We must not only consider the money, I also have to ensure my family feel comfortable, especially my daughter. So I have a lot to think about. Even if you score three or four goals, you do not play in another game. There are many very good players but I need to play. I have trained every day and never said anything against my team-mates or anyone but it is true that there are other options for next season. There are many players and they all need to play but I have not lost my place because of what I did when I played. I have not played in important matches. The ‘clasico’ against Chelsea, I did not play. Those are the games that I like to play in.”

I want Tevez to stay. Last season he proved what an important part of our team he can be. But it is off-putting to hear him continually whinging to the media about his situation.

Have a word with yourself, Carlitos.