This weekend will see the launch of the highly anticipated film, Class of 92, which looks at the story of our kids who went on to win it all. RoM will be at the Manchester premiere as well as a competition winner through the blog.

Gabe Turner, the man behind it all, has answered a few questions about the experience of making the film.

What was your favourite bit of making this film?

Being able to spend to some time kicking a ball around with the players. Literally a dream come true to play crossbar challenge with Giggs.

Was there anything that surprised you or something new you learnt about the players?

Yes, loads… Didn’t know about Phil Nev praying, didn’t realise how funny Giggs was and mainly didn’t realise how much they genuinely all liked it each… was lovely to see.

What motivated you to make this film?

If I had picked the documentary I most wanted to make in Sports I think I would have picked this one. It’s the best British sports story of our era and a story that we felt needed to be immortalised in film. It has a great cast and we felt very privileged that we were the ones who had a chance to tell it.

What is your favourite anecdote the players told?

I really liked the Honda Prelude Story “Don’t Scuff the Leather” but it’s all about the Butt/Schmeichel story.

Which of the players did you most enjoy working with?

Genuinely all of them… everyone brought something different.

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