Carlos Queiroz, who has been the manager of Iran for almost two years, has reflected on the most entertaining teams in the world, claiming that Barcelona are the best out there. However, Queiroz reckons that when he was at United we always strived to play attractive football.

“Barcelona managed to establish what I call ‘the art of victory’, winning everything while playing beautiful football,” he said. “When I was at Manchester United, we always tried to win in style because, at the end of the day, fans come to stadiums to be entertained. Real Madrid are a great club with fantastic players, but we have to be realistic. When you watch ten, even 50, Barcelona matches, you’re entertained every time. They’re a team that provides pleasure but also manages to win at the same time. I’m not saying that Cristiano Ronaldo or other Real players aren’t impressive to watch, but Barça put on top displays during every single match, in terms of passing, ball possession and finishing. I experienced the same thing in Manchester: we won games by playing an attacking, exciting brand of football that made people happy. That’s the main objective of the sport, after all.”

Queiroz also reflected on last season, expressing how disappointed he was to see City win the title last year, but is hoping for a different outcome this year.

“I still have problems with that shade of blue!” he joked. “I like seeing blue skies, but I feel a bit differently about sky blue. When you’ve worked at Manchester United, the club becomes part of you forever. Because of that, I was very disappointed by the loss of the title last season, and I hope that the outcome will be more favourable this year.”