Carlos Queiroz, who made all the difference to United’s second most successful season in the club’s history when we won the league and European Cup double in 2008, has argued that David Moyes needs more time.

“The success of Manchester United was based on a couple of principles,” he said. “The first thing was it had a good foundation of consistency, continuity, trust and confidence. The other thing I learned when I was at the club: The club always had a strong belief with the people that work inside it – they trust themselves. I want to believe that it is just a tough time at the moment and in a short period of time we will see the Manchester United everyone expects. I have been in that experience and the most important feeling is to trust each other, believe each other, and make the right decisions. If you are not able to win today, I am sure tomorrow things will be right. I think they need to be given time. Moyes deserves the chance.”

Queiroz became the manager of Iran in 2011 and lead them to World Cup qualification, but claims that United will always be his team.

“It’s not my old team, it’s my team,” he said. “I still care. We’ll be there, don’t worry, just give us a little bit of time we’ll be there. David will be fine.”