1. Just like we never win at Stamford Bridge, it’s become routine that United don’t play well at Anfield. Yes, we get a result here and there but our performances have been poor for years. Today was probably the worst display there for some time though, with our players lacking the passion, desire and ability to get anything out of the game.
2. If we are going to play badly generally, the last thing we need to do is give goals away. Whilst Suarez showed great skill in setting up Dirk Kuyt, one of players should have just put him and the ball in the stands. Letting him dance around them like that was embarrassing. The second goal was just suicide. Maybe we’ll get to hear what the fuck Nani was thinking about one day. That desperate for another assist to his name? The third goal was another gift, as the wall jumped out of the way, Edwin Van der Sar failed to collect the freekick and none of our players reacted quickly enough to the rebound. Shocking.
3. That’s two games in less than a week where United should have played against ten men. Jamie Carragher’s assault on Nani should have been punished with a red card and a lengthy ban. For Phil Dowd just to show a yellow, the same punishment for kicking the ball away, was a disgrace. The ref lost control of the game. Rafael and Maxi both went on to make challenges worthy of a red card after, with Suarez also yanking Rafael by his hair, that but of course couldn’t be sent off once Carragher, who made no attempt for the ball, had been allowed to stay on. Will we be seeing replays of this for weeks on end, like we did with Rooney vs McCarthy? Will every Tom, Dick and Harry have their say? Course not. EuroSport is claiming that the cut is to the bone and if this is the case, we’ll be without Nani for some time. To counter that, Antonio Valencia travelled with the squad today but missed out on a place on the subs bench. He must be back soon.
4. Well done Chicharito. Managed to save some face by scoring a goal which could keep us above Arsenal on goal difference if they win their game in hand. For the record, I don’t think Arsenal will beat Spurs at White Hart Lane.