1. You don’t forget days like this in a hurry. United could beat any side 8-2 and I’d be buzzing but to beat Arsenal? Beautiful football playing Arsenal? Wow. I’d love a result like this over Liverpool or City, obviously, but after our proper rivals, getting to absolutely thrash Arsenal is as good as it gets. For all those years when we were title rivals, all the arrogance and sense of self-importance, the bragging about their football, the unwavering faith shown in Arsene Wenger… the wheels are coming off and I’m glad. Sorry if that sounds callous but their fans, more than any others outside of Merseyside/Stockport, rubbed the Glazers and the debt in our faces. So impressed they were with their financial model, they took great pleasure in taking the piss out of us, as we are left to fear for the long term future of our club. I’m sure there are plenty of decent Arsenal supporting folk but I’ve moderated comments on this blog for long enough to know that there are more than enough who are entirely deserving of the depression induced by our club today. No heart, no passion, no desire, but you’ve got good financial security. Enjoy it, Goons.

2. Enough of the gloating and on to the praising. It’s hard to know who to single out but I’ll start with the player I feel the worst about, and that is Ashley Young. I’ll be writing in far more detail about this topic soon but I owe an unreserved apology for being totally indifferent to his signing. It’s not that I was against us signing him but I just wasn’t that bothered, but he’s made an excellent start to his career and I was wrong about his potential. I hoped that signing for United would bring the best out of him but I wasn’t convinced he was going to make a massive contribution to our team. The lad is great though. He is hard working, both in attack and defence, his crosses are dangerous and he’s got a wicked shot on him. If rival fans were slating him for getting a lucky deflection on his first United goal, then can be no complaints about his second and third. Top class. He’s definitely a Manchester United player.

3. United’s passing is sublime. What have they been doing in pre-season training and why haven’t they done it before now? We weren’t strangers to quick, first touch passing before, but judging from the three games this season, it’s actually now a frequent part of our game. Time and again our lads were getting themselves out of tight spaces with really intricate and quick passes. It was lovely to watch. More of the same please.

4. I love Anderson. If not for his beautiful flick over the Arsenal defence to set up Welbeck for the opener, for his staring out of Szczesny ahead of Rooney’s first goal. It was hilarious watching him. Rooney’s effort would have probably gone in regardless, but I vote we give Ando the assist.

5. Heartache for Danny Welbeck today. It was brilliant to see him score the opener. With Chicharito out of the team, this was his time to establish himself. How can you drop a striker who’s scoring every game? His frustration was all too apparent when he grabbed his hamstring. He knew what it meant. He was out of the game, out of the England squad, and possibly out of the United starting XI when he returns. If Chicharito/Berbatov get on a good goal scoring streak, then what does that mean for Welbz? Gutted for him and hope he is back soon.

6. David De Gea, dodgy keeper eh? It was a delight to see him swarmed by our players after saving Robin Van Persie’s penalty. He could have done better for the first goal, but the penalty save wasn’t his only positive contribution. He made some top class saves and saving the pen should do wonders for his confidence. Hopefully it will shut a few people up too.

7. Whenever Howard Webb gets put in charge of a United game, the opposition roll their eyes and bang on about what a red he is. Who would have thought the opinion of Ngog would have been able to influence so many people. Of course Webb isn’t at all biased towards United but Arsenal fans had their excuses ready. Arshavin made two challenges on Young and Jones which were easily worth a red card each, as well as a deliberate handball, but somehow managed to pick up just one yellow card. Then Arsenal were awarded one of the softest penalties I’ve seen, after Walcott tumbled after feeling Jonny Evans’ breath on him. We beat Arsenal, despite Webb’s best efforts to even out the gulf in class. Although that will of course be forgotten the next time he’s given a United game to ref…

8. Wayne Rooney gets to take the match ball home yet again. To have our strikers scoring so freely from the start is brilliant. That’s at least one goal a game for Rooney this season, which is a stark contrast to his form at the start of last season, and should stand us in good stead for the title. He tends to go through phases of goal scoring so it’s a great bonus that we’re seeing this at the start of the season, when United are typically slower to get going. He worked hard yesterday and was all over the field, like usual. We have loads of striking options this season but there’s no denying that he’s more important than any other forward to all round success of the team.

9. How exciting is this? We’re three games in and there’s a long way to go but I am thoroughly enjoying watching United this season. There were games last year when I felt we were just dragging ourselves through but there seems a real buzz about our football at the moment. The fact we’re doing this with all these young players makes it all the better. Keep up the good work lads.