1. GET IN!

2. It takes a lot of bottle to step up and take a penalty, knowing that if you score, your team wins the league, and if you miss, you’re going to get so much flack for the next week, and possible lifetime, if your team don’t bail you out. For Wayne Rooney to smash that penalty in said a lot about his character and I’m very pleased for him.

3. There wouldn’t have been a penalty if not for Chicharito though, who stretched a leg out to bring that long ball under control, before getting a vital toe to it because Paul Robsinon clattered in to him. Heard it called “controversial” on the news. Nothing controversial about it. Stupid? Certainly. Chicharito was going nowhere. But as soon as the player gets a touch on the ball and a goalie takes them out, it’s always going to be a penalty.

4. The performance was just like every other away performance. Why did I expect it to be any different? Plenty of our players were a shadow of the players they had been in the Chelsea game. Are you sure we can’t just play Barcelona at Old Trafford? It’s been an utterly bizarre season on the road and who knows why on earth it’s been like that, but right now, who gives a fuck? That can be something the manager thinks about next season. This season, those crappy away performances have been enough to win us the title, so I’m not going to get too worked up over another point after another lacklustre display. That point us the league, after all.

5. A few weeks ago, Kuszczak came out saying he was leaving at the end of the season. I don’t think he’s the greatest keeper in the world but I didn’t really have an opinion on him either way. I was really put off him with those remarks though, the sense of self-importance, that he felt at that crucial point of the season he needed to be speaking to the papers about his future. He started for us that day and it was just crappy timing. He was a liability today and if that was his last game for United, I can’t imagine there’ll be too many people upset about that. Best of luck to him wherever he goes though.

6. Fans of all clubs love their players I guess and maybe I’m just a big kid, but I really do get a kick out of watching the United lads celebrating on days like today. Watching them lined up in front of us, jumping up and down, singing “we love you United, we do” and “are you watching Merseyside?” really gave me a buzz. Well done lads.