“Rio Ferdinand has been in poor form this season by his standards and I think Sir Alex Ferguson would be shrewd to cash in on the star in January.”
Stan Collymore couldn’t be a bigger prick if he tried.

“I don’t want to play United in the knockout rounds – they’re a very strong team and I have many friends there. I played for six years at Old Trafford and have many friends at the club, but maybe if we met in the final it would be good. It will be very difficult if we play against United but to be honest I don’t want to play them.”
Not scared are you, Cristiano Ronaldo?

“One day it’s Real, the next it’s United and more recently it has been City. The player has already said he wants to remain at Inter. If Real or United knock at the door then that’s one thing, but City? What would Maicon do at City? Let’s not joke around…”
Maicon‘s agent was not too happy about his Brazilian international client’s rumoured move to City.

“I believe that you have justice and it’s not my justice, it is the justice that England has decided to apply to his case. When he has paid his sentence, of course you would consider signing someone like that. When he has paid his sentence, some clubs if they want, they will take him. He is an individual and if you do what he has done, the fact that he has played football has nothing to do with it.”
Wonder if Arsene Wenger would be so forgiving if it was his daughter who got groped and her nose broken by Marlon King? The fact he plays football has everything to do with it… how many other professions would employ someone with 14 convictions including prison time for assaulting a woman?