“It will be Rooney. I think Rooney is ready to be a captain. Why not?”
Fabio Capello is a pretty bright chap.

“There was never any doubt that I would play for Wales, my family wouldn’t have let me play for England! It would not have tempted the young Ryan Giggs – it was never an issue for me. Obviously it was an issue for everyone else because I played for England schoolboys but I was always going to play for Wales the next year when I got to youth level.”
It really is time people got over this one, eh Ryan Giggs?

“It’s complicated, there’s my family, the desire to return to Boca Juniors, but I think about it. It crosses my mind to hang up my boots if we win the World Cup, although I have a contract (with City) until 2014. I’m a bit tired of so much football. I want to enjoy my family a bit. I’m very keen to stop and get a bit of calm. I’ve already won a lot. Living for football has saturated me.”
Not even three months have gone by and City have already sucked the life out of Carlos Tevez. (See what the blues make of these comments. Snigger)

“I was putting a chicken down there as protection. Seriously I swear it’s true. When the doctor saw that technique he said ‘what are you doing?’ But it helped me a lot. I couldn’t feel the ball too much but it protected me a lot. I played one month with meat in my boots. The funny thing is, after the game, the meat was cooked. Not ready to eat, but a little bit cooked.”
A chicken fillet in the boot works wonders. Patrice Evra swears by it.

“From a Chelsea point of view, I love the way Didier reacted there.”
Having to be dragged away from the ref and screaming swear words in to the camera is part and parcel of being a Chelsea player, eh John Terry?