“I didn’t mean to stamp on Carvalho, but I know what it looks like and I do wince when I see it.”
Wayne Rooney is still adamant it was an accident.

“In terms of a game where everything just clicked, it has to be Barcelona away in the Champions League. Of all the goals I scored, I always preferred the ones that were brilliant team goals, and the interaction was at its peak. It was one of the best performances of my career. For the drama, it would have to be the Champions League final. All the momentum with us leading up to it, winning the league, then the FA Cup, it was incredible, although the game itself wasn’t particularly great!”
Dwight Yorke on being asked which one game from his 20 year career would he most like to play again.

“I am sure he was joking. He is a good friend of mine and he knows Portugal are a top team. He played a few times against us and never won, but I am sure he was joking as he has friends here.”
Cristiano Ronaldo responds to Wayne Rooney saying he hopes Portugal don’t qualify for the World Cup.

“It’s quite comical. In any sport, when you’re called to play for your country, no matter what sport it is, it is the proudest moment you can have. These are proud moments, once you pull on an Irish jersey, and no-one should ever forget that, be it a friendly or two massive World Cup qualifiers.”
After Roy Keane claimed Shay Given only played every time he was called up to boost his caps, Given claims even playing in friendlies for Ireland fills him with more pride than any other match. Says a lot about what he thinks about playing for City…