Rafael Da Silva has impressed most reds since breaking in to the first team this season. Along with his brother Fabio, Rafael is tipped to be a big star over the years to come and has shown every sign of fulfilling that potential so far.

“When I arrived, I had not played for a year,” said Rafael. “I was surprised when I played against Peterborough in August, I never thought it would happen so soon. I know my ability, but my training was not good at first. After the first game, the boss said some very good things about me, which was fantastic for me because I love this club. I am already thinking of being here in many, many years. One year ago I was not even playing, now to play so much is fantastic.”

Gary Neville will be looking for a contract for a coaching job sooner or later, so it does him no harm to help establish Rafael as the new right back. The Brazilian recognises that they are rivals but is pleased to report that Nev has helped him with his positioning.

“All the time he is helping me,” Rafael said. “In games we’ve played together he is always telling me where the right position is to be. He knows so much. I want the position of right-back, but Gary has been very good to me.”

The end of Neville’s career was discussed in the press following Rafael’s substitute appearance against Arsenal. Despite outplaying Arsenal at the Emirates, our weaknesses down the right hand side cost us dearly. Rafael came with 25 minutes left to play and made a big impact before scoring a brilliant goal.

“I will never forget that game,” Rafael said, smiling. “This was my first goal for United, and a nice goal too! United and Arsenal is a big game, so it was very good to score. I did not celebrate because the team was losing. If we had got another goal, then I would have celebrated more.”

Rafael put in a great performance against City, marking Robinho out of the game. He’s showing himself up as a bit of a perfectionist though, with him thinking he didn’t play well.

“That game, I did not play well,” he said. “It was my first derby and I don’t know why, but I don’t think I played well. But before that game, in Brazil, everybody was ‘ah, Robinho’, but ‘Who is Rafael?’ Now, the people in Brazil know. After the game we traded shirts, he said ‘good work’ and wished me good luck for the rest of the season.”

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Viva Da Silvas
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