Ahead of this afternoon’s game between Manchester United and Liverpool, Marcus Rashford has spoken about the beginning of his career. He joined United from Fletcher Moss when he was seven and, despite interest from rival clubs, insists United were the only team he ever wanted to play for.

I was playing for my old Sunday League team, Fletcher Moss, we won a tournament and there were loads of different scouts there. For a lot of us, United was the one. Everyone grew up a United fan and United and Fletcher Moss always had a good relationship, players in the past had made that switch, so United was natural.

Liverpool was never an option. Liverpool, City, Everton – there was no other club I really would have enjoyed going to other than United. It just felt natural thing to do.

As a lifelong United fan, Rashford understands the importance of Sunday’s game more than most of his teammates. However, he claims that even from youth level the players didn’t need to be told how important games against our hated rivals were.

You never have to be told it – you just feel it. Each club holds different values and it’s just a clash of everything – football, fans… it’s more than just a normal game.