Reports in the media have been linking Jadon Sancho with a move to Manchester United, with most clubs unable to pay the asking price and his salary.

In a live chat with BR Football, Rashford was asked what he would think about playing alongside Sancho and Anthony Martial.

It would be good [if Sancho joined]. Sancho is a great player. He’s like the new generation player. It’s definitely exciting to watch him become the player that he’s becoming — hopefully we can all play together. That would be good. He plays off the cuff. He’s creative, imaginative, those are the things in this generation that you need to be world class.

Mason Greenwood has followed Rashford’s path from the academy to the first team and is currently on goals for the season. Rashford sung his praises this afternoon.

For me, Mason has got everything to be as good as he wants to be. He’s got all the attributes to be a forward at the very top level. It’s about him pushing himself. He doesn’t need to listen to anything on the outside but just keep pushing himself. I’d have him as 10/10. As a forward, there’s not more you can ask for from a forward. He doesn’t know [what his strongest foot is]. I don’t think he knows. He takes penalties and freekicks with both feet, it’s just what he feels at the time.

The biggest moment of last season was when we beat PSG in the last minute, with Rashford scoring the all-important penalty. However, with the VAR check taking several minutes, Rashford has reflected on how he held his nerve, and how that was the biggest goal of his United career, even if not the best.

Time just stopped really. You’re not really trying to think about that it’s the last kick of the game. I was just stood there waiting with the ball in my hands, trying to stay relaxed and focused. At the time, you’re in the game and concentrating, but looking back, it was like three minutes or something. But that was a special game. We learnt a lot that Champions League campaign.

My favourite goal is probably the freekick against Chelsea. But my biggest goal was PSG probably, in the circumstances that we were in. We knew we had to go there and win. It was an amazing feeling. I’ve not actually watched it that many times, mainly because of what happened afterwards.

I actually I got a knock in my knee in the game before that [Chelsea game] so I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to play. But I started and then five minutes before the freekick I told the manager my knee was sore and I was going to come off. So in my mind, I thought it was going to be my last action in the game. In the first team, it was my favourite freekick. It was the winning goal and it was obviously a nice feeling, away to Chelsea.

Rashford hasn’t played with new signing Bruno Fernandes yet as he’s been out with an injury since January, but is looking forward to getting on the pitch with him.

I think he’s a player that is creative and very forward thinking. He always wants to play the ball forward and create opportunities. It’s going to be good to play with him. He’s got such a positive attitude. The vibe he brings to the team is positive. Even when he does lose the ball, he works hard to win it back and that rubs off on other players.

The best form of his career has come under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Rashford spoke about the impact the manager has had on him.

It’s been enjoyable. I like his determination. He knows where he wants the club to be. We both want to go in the same direction. As well as a manager, he’s an unbelievable coach. He’s improved us all, especially the forwards. He always wants me to get in to the box. He wants me to get in at the back post or across my marker. That’s the reason why I’ve been getting more goals this season.