Marcus Rashford has appeared on an episode with Uninterrupted, alongside Daniel Kaluuya, LeBron James and Rashid Johnson, where he is asked whether there are any football teams he hates.

The lifelong Red was quick to answer, claiming Liverpool were the team he hated, but local rivals City didn’t really give him any reason to hate them.

Liverpool. No, I don’t like Liverpool. City. Obviously, Liverpool have history. So it’s more, it’s a bit more bitter. But with City, it’s like, you don’t like them but you don’t really have a massive reason not to like them. You just grow up and it’s just two Manchester sides. One wears light blue, one wears red. But the rivalry with Liverpool is just deep.

Rashford then talks about how he’s played in the academy since he was six-years-old and about his desire to bring success back to the club.

I was a United fan before I started playing for United. I remember when I was about seven or eight they started taking us to every home game. So you can imagine, from that age until 18, until I made my debut, I was at every single home game.

It’s obviously a great feeling [playing for the club]. But Man United back in the days, they’d be successful for many years before. So success was like when you get it once you get a taste for it and you learn how to make it more of a sure thing. Whereas now, since I’ve come in to the team, it’s been a transition period for the club, so finding stability’s been difficult. That’s why we have so many ups and downs, but at the same time, it’s a club that’s rich in history. So you’re just steadily trying to get that feeling back. But it’s not gonna happen overnight.