Theirry Henry was invited to Manchester United’s training ground to interview Paul Pogba a few weeks ago. Marcus Rashford has revealed he wanted to get a photo with the Arsenal legend but was too shy

I had to get a picture. I had to go with someone else. I can’t remember who I went with, but I brought someone with me, just because I was a bit shy. It’s Thierry Henry innit.

Henry is one of my heroes, he is one of the players I watched when I was younger. When I was 17 I changed position to be a forward and he, along with the Brazilian Ronaldo, were the two players I tried to mirror my performance on so I would watch how they scored goals. He was definitely one of the major players. It’s crazy when you think about it, he knows who I am and it’s very strange. You see ex-professionals talking about you, players you think would never know you, so it’s different but when you hear these things from those types of people it just gives you so much more confidence and belief that you can go on and achieve more.