Marcus Rashford is currently enjoying the best form of his career to date, with 10 goals in his last 11 appearances for club and country, with seven in eight of those for Manchester United. He’s the sixth highest scorer in the league and only two players have more assists than him. His 11 goals and assists this season puts him ahead of the likes of Mane, Sterling and Kane.

Speaking with ESPN, Rashford has talked about how his dream had always been to play for United and from the first moment he trained at the club he realised he never wanted to leave.

When I was kid this is what I dreamed of doing. You can’t ask for anything more. Of course you have ups and downs, and for me it’s all part of the journey of becoming successful. If there are downs then you take them all day long. I’m obviously very happy in my position right now and you just want to keep improving and keep bettering yourself as a person.

It had to be United for me. You know, I remember when I was younger, you used to go and train at other clubs and as soon as I trained at United that the first time, that was it. I remember saying to my brother, ‘I don’t want to go to anywhere else now. And that the feeling of a family that we have in Manchester, when I went to United, that was the exact same thing. It’s like one big family and everybody, the coaching staff, from all ages, they all want the best for you. I think that’s what draws people into Manchester United. Once they become a part of it, it never leaves them. When I was a kid this is this is what I dreamed of doing.

Aside from his efforts on the field, Rashford has been an impressive force off it, with his ‘In the Box’ campaign taking off to help homeless people in Manchester.

I just remember even when I was a kid, we used to train in Salford and at the time we didn’t drive so we used to get a bus into town and a bus out of town. And between the two bus journeys, you have to walk through the city centre. And probably every morning you’d see five or 10 different people, and from then it was in my mind. As I got older, I’m in a position to make a difference for them.

It’s a no brainer for me, I think. Why not?. That’s how it all developed [the In the Box Campaign] and just stemmed from there. This is the most productive way … For me, this type of stuff is making a bigger difference to our lives than just giving them money.