Marcus Rashford was enjoying the best season of his life before a back injury cut his campaign short. However, with the coronavirus pandemic suspending the season, it looks as though Rashford may play more games this season that we previously though, presuming the season restarts.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Rashford has revealed that he’s on the mend.

I feel much better. I have a scan in another couple of days and that should solidify it, but I feel much better compared to two or three weeks ago. I feel 10 times better now. For me, now it’s just about getting ready to build up back up to training and then playing games for the team. I’m in a much better place. I’m much happier than I was about a month ago so things are looking positive.

Rashford has also talked about what he’s been doing to pass the time during the injury and the lockdown.

Everyone is just dealing with the circumstances as well as they can. I’ve just been in my house doing my gym work and recovery, reading books, watching Netflix and just doing what I can do to make the time pass further. There’s not really anything you can do that comes close to being in the changing room and being in the team, so I’m not trying to chase that high.

I had to have time off anyway because of my injury but I’m fortunate enough to have a bike in the gym downstairs. Not much in that sense has actually changed for me because I can still do my daily routine that I was doing.

Rashford has been involved in a whole host of admirable charity work over the years and hasn’t let the pandemic stop him. After learning about how many students would be missing out on meals following school closures, he got to work, helping raise £100,000.

I didn’t know how high the numbers were of kids not eating at home other than school meals. That number kind of shocked me. And then I remember speaking to a friend who was saying there was an opportunity where we can help these people and FareShare allowed us to make it work. Staring up with FareShare – I don’t think I’ve actually ever done something at such short notice before.