Marcus Rashford has just signed a contract extension with Manchester United and is currently in Australia with the rest of the squad for pre-season.

He claims that in the short time that they have been together since the summer break that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made his vision for what he wants clear.

Speaking with the clubs official website, Rashford has revealed the intensity in training has moved up a notch and that he sees the performances improving.

I just think that little things like pictures in our heads are a lot clearer already. Some of the other lads have been here in pre-season longer than I have, but in the short time I have been here things are becoming clearer to me on what the manager wants and how we are to do it on the pitch, so that will put us in good stead for the rest of the season.

Footballers want to win, but the thing that has gone up for me is the intensity and just the level of training. We are starting to understand it all a bit better. We can use this. This is Ole’s first pre-season and he can really stamp down what he wants to do. We have got to use the remainder of the time here and then in Singapore and China to keep progressing and improving.