Recently, Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he was in no position to offer Marcus Rashford advice after all the incredible things he’s been doing off the field. Our legendary manager talked of his pride of all the work Rashford is doing for the less fortunate in this country.

But it’s not just his off-field behaviour that makes Rashford special, but his on field performances too. Our all-time top scorer, Wayne Rooney, had 84 goals for us at the same age as Rashford, who is currently on 77.

Rashford has spoken about how he’s always wanted to play for United and that he hopes he always will.

For me, I never look beyond Manchester United. As a kid I’ve never looked beyond Manchester United in my mind, it wouldn’t sit right for me to be pulling on another shirt. I just want to do the best I can for the club whilst I’m here, so hopefully I’m here for the long term.

All the good things that have happened this year it’s come from Manchester United giving me the opportunity as a kid. I don’t just remember the last year or the last five years, I’m talking about the times when nobody in my family drove and I had to get to training, and United had people to come and take me to the training ground and take me back home.

When I was six, seven, eight years old, I’m talking about the times when they put me into accommodation when my mum was struggling at home, when I was 11 years old and I was up there until I was 16, 17, so it’s a lot deeper than what people see sometimes.

I think people only see some of the stuff that’s been happening since I’ve been in the first team, but the bond that I have with United is much greater than just these last five years, and it will forever be greater than my actual career.

They’re the reason that I’ve become a footballer, they’ve given me an opportunity to express myself and find out that I had talent in football.