Marcus Rashford has enjoyed a fantastic start to his Manchester United career and has managed to sustain his top form in to his third season.

Having impressed with his mentality off the pitch as well as on it, Rashford has credited United’s academy system for keeping him grounded.

I think obviously the coaching is very good, but they also try to turn you into good people as well as good players. I’d probably say it’s about having a lot of respect for everyone regardless of who they are or what they’re doing is probably like the baseline you have to have no matter what age you are. Just having that alone can get you a long way. It’s the main message they give you. United are very good at nourishing abilities.

There are loads of different examples I can give you of ways they keep us grounded… If you are winning a game by a ridiculous scoreline, and then obviously as attackers you might start messing about if you’ve scored three goals or whatever. But the coaches would say your beating them but still show them respect. They drill that into you from a very very young age.

Rashford has a good network of friends and family who have kept his feet on the ground too. He is aware of the temptations thrown in the way of young footballers but insists he’s been advised well by those close to him.

Probably the way you have to look after yourself, and look out for yourself as well, because everyone is always trying to get something off the back of you so you have to just take care of yourself.

People are maybe trying to build themselves up off the back of you. You know, for me, it’s not like that because I have friends around me. They’ve been my friends [for so long]. It can be anything, it can be your own friends, or even people’s family members, it’s difficult but what are you to know. Like I said, I have people around me that guide me and kind of keep me away from certain things. Sometimes as a young player, that’s what’s needed.

Not for me, because I’ve not been through [a situation like that] yet… [but] you have to be smart and try not to put yourself in them situations, as much as you can.