Ahead of our Champions League semi-final games, Schalke striker Raul has sung the praises of Ryan Giggs.

The man who has scored more Champions League goals than any other player, most of those for Real Madrid, has claimed it would be an honour to get Giggs’ shirt at the end of the game.

“What we have in common is that we love this profession,” said Raul. “Football is our lives. They are great professionals who look after themselves and who train properly. For Giggs to still be playing at this level at 37 years of age is incredible. He is still playing every three or four days and often in various positions – in midfield or out wide. He is still adding new things to his game and you can only admire that. Facing them again makes this match all the more special and I hope I can swap shirts at the end of the game with Ryan Giggs. It will be a great honour to have that shirt.”