I get to say I was there. I was there when Anderson scored his first goal for Manchester United. Ok, so it was a pre-season friendly that doesnt even count… but I was there!

The game was fine, nothing too special, but it was definitely a tougher contest than the games we´ve been getting in the Far East. Boca were up for it, just like their fans behind the goal, which made for a much tastier game. United were the ones who seemed to make the tougher challenges though, clearly eager to play in the final tomorrow, not the match for third place.

Valencia made his debut and what a very good one at that. Whilst the keeper should have done better with Valencia´s goal, he made a good few runs down the right side of the field, wearing the number 25 shirt, and certainly looks like a good prospect.

Tonight really came to life when the Bayern Munich players came on to the pitch though, as you can imagine. However, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes were all greeted particularly warmly by the home crowd. Rooney was given the Man of the Match award, oddly. Although he was probably the hardest working player on the pitch today, not a lot seemed to go his way!

Michael Carrick was a more deserving candidate, who really looked like a gritty midfielder in the centre of the park. He has a football brain too, which I love. For example, when Wes Brown went off injured and several minutes went by when they weren´t sure whether he needed to come off, followed by further delay to Rio Ferdinand coming on thanks to a short of sight referee, Carrick, who had been playing a more advanced role, dropped back in to defence. He didn`t need to be told, he just got on with it, and I like that.

Fabio was also impressive tonight and it makes sense why he came as the more highly rated of the da Silva twins. Whilst still lacking experience like Rafael, Fabio seems stronger and tougher on the ball. He came away with the ball in situations you would never fancy him to.

Anderson`s goal was impressive for anyzone, let alone him! Although the celebration he`s been saving up all this time left little to be desired. I wanted him to lap the pitch twice twirling his shirt around his head, Giggsy style! I have not seen a replay since watching it on the big screen in the ground (the stadium is fantastic, more on that later!) and am looking forward to seeing again just how much of a perfect angle he found. Well done, son! Hopefully this will put an end to a bad year (form wise) and to be honest, pretty dreadful past few weeks! Tonight we started to see a bit of the old Anderson, the one that shat on Cesc, so more of the same please tomorrow!

In the stadium, all the fans were mixed together, with Bayern fans obviously dominating the seating. It was all very friendly today although no doubt tomorrow will be a different story! No real atmosphere can get going because we`re all so split up, which is frustrating, although there are plenty of songs on the way out. “Who put the ball in the German`s net?” went down fairly well at the station after the game! But I am so impressed with the Allianz. Really nice looking ground and it keeps the sound it really well, which was obvious when the Bayern fans got going for the second game.

Anyway, the lads have some overpriced German beer on ice for me so I don`t have long. If you want to keep up to date with everything that´s going on at my end, follow me on Twitter and check out my Facebook for photos, more of which will be added shortly.

Its absolutely roasting here still, despite it being after 11 and you will have to forgive my punctuation at times because Im typing on a German keyboard and it is difficult for me to find my way around it.