At the beginning of the month, we saw Piers Morgan getting his knickers in his twist over Sir Alex Ferguson, claiming he couldn’t care less what our manager had to say about him. The problem is it became fairly obvious ol Piers did care less, as he went to the effort of writing an entire article in The Daily Mail dedicated to responding to Ferguson’s remarks.

The situation has been repeated today, although this time it is Real Madrid’s sporting director, Predrag Mijatovic, who has latched on to Ferguson’s bait.

Following Ferguson’s comments claiming he wouldn’t sell Real Madrid a virus, let alone Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramon Calderon was quick to respond. He insisted Real Madrid always respected other clubs and it was for this reason they were respected all over the World. Funny, right?

Mijatovic’s comments are all the more amusing though, with him going to great lengths explaining why he would never respond to remarks from Ferguson. We have a good few minutes of Mijatovic claiming they are ignoring Ferguson, that he is not important to them and they will not be bothered with what he has to say. If all this is true, then why is he responding to Ferguson’s comments? Hmm.

“In the last summer Ferguson also made some statements that were totally out of order like this one,” said Mijatovic. “Ferguson for us has absolutely no importance at all. We have more important things to solve now than respond to him. Each of us has to look at their own house and nothing more. Ferguson lately is making his statements in his press conferences and last summer he did the same thing. We’re not paying attention to him. We’re a great club and we’re never going to answer any statement of anybody. For that we have tranquility. We have much more important things to do than bother with the statements of anybody.”