“Barca? At this time, Madrid is my home and my club Real Madrid but I can never say never. I do not know what will happen in the future, you never know.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments this week obviously haven’t gone down too well with Real Madrid fans, with them already in a bad mood knowing that Barcelona just need to beat relegation candidates to claim the Spanish title at the weekend.

Ronaldo went to watch Rafael Nadal with team mate Raul on Wednesday in the Madrid Open, only to be openly booed by the crowd.

Still, our former winger is confident there will be success in the future though, citing his experience at United as evidence.

“We have new players, a team under construction, a different coach and we know that success does not come straight away – you have to slide a bit,” he said. “I remember in my first two years at Manchester we did not win anything and we went on to win the Champions League.”