After his incredible season, we had to know there was going to be no escaping the transfer rumours linking Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid.

Both the club and the player haven’t helped to squash the speculation, with both seemingly having something to say about the issue every other day. So yesterday, United decided to take things in to their own hands, and threatened reporting Real Madrid to FIFA.

“Manchester United has watched with growing irritation the comments attributed to Real Madrid over their alleged desire to sign Cristiano Ronaldo,” read the official statement on the club’s website. “The facts are: The player is on a long-term contract and his registration is held by Manchester United. The player is not for sale. The club will have no alternative but to report Real Madrid to the world governing body, Fifa, if it continues to behave in this totally unacceptable fashion.”

Have Real Madrid changed their tune? Of course. Apparently, they’re our best mates now!

Earlier this morning, club president, Ramon Calderon, released a statement on their website. “We haven’t done, nor will we do anything against the wishes of a club that we consider a friend like Manchester United,” Calderon said. “Our relationship with Manchester is magnificent and we will not do anything that would violate the will of a team, just as we would not like that done to us. We know Manchester doesn’t want to sell and we have nothing to say.”

Hours later, Calderon reinforced this point when talking to Sky Sports News. “We have not interfered with Manchester United’s contract agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo,” he said. “We’re sorry that Manchester United – a club with which we have an excellent relationship – is annoyed with us because Real Madrid have nothing to do with that aspect. I want to clear this up with him and assure him we are not going to influence any player to break a contractual relationship. We are not going to start a conflict. If a club doesn’t want to sell a player, why would we insist that they do sell him?”

Will this spell the end of the rumours linking Ronaldo to Real Madrid?