Every year since Liverpool last won the title in the 1989/1990 season, their fans harp on about this year being their year. This season the glory days will return and they will win the title, something they used to be able to claim they had won more than any other team.

Since Liverpool last won the league, United have won an incredible eleven titles, as well as two European Cups, but this doesn’t seem to dampen the scouse spirit.

“I think next year could be our year – I’m really confident about that,” Steven Gerrard said at the end of last season. It was an odd comment to make, given that fifteen months earlier Gerrard appeared to be all too aware of how amusing the rest of us find ‘this is our year’ talk.

“We can’t keep talking about next season all the time,” he said in February 2008. “There are only so many times you can say it and believe it. Sooner or later we have to make one season the season we make it happen and do the talking on the pitch. We need to make people believe it. I’m 27 now, I don’t want to be talking about ‘next season’ for Liverpool when I’m 32.”

Gerrard is 29-years-old now and will be 30 by the time the season finishes… a season that Liverpool goalie, Pepe Reina, says his team-mates are resigned to finishing without the title.

“Teams like Manchester United have lots of players who can tip the balance; we haven’t got the individuals,” said Reina yesterday. “There are games that get congested and we haven’t got the vision other sides boast. There isn’t frustration, there is resignation. We all want to win the league but right now it’s not a realistic objective. Maybe it’s time to get realistic and not think about the title but just about winning the next game.”

A realistic scouser? Well I never!