7243956“We could borrow money but it would not be good business for a football club. Borrowing large sums of money is the road to ruin.” – David Gill, August 2004.

At the recent MUST/IMUSA meeting, there were calls from some supporters for all those there to give up their season tickets and stop going to games. A response was given that 30,000+ have already given up their season tickets but their seats are still being filled. If we want to stop the Glazers, surely it is better for us to have people who love the club inside the ground, able to make these protests which are visible to the world, increasing the pressure.

Some might have seen David Gill in the same way, believing that it is better for him to be inside United and able to help make decisions than to resign from the Glazer regime in protest.

If you had hope that was the case, then you will be sorely disappointed.

“I would appeal to the fans to be sensible and get behind the team,” he said yesteday. “We are a very well-run club and given what’s happening at other clubs, people should be proud of what’s happening at Manchester United. It [a protest] serves no purpose and it won’t change a thing. [Milan] will be a tough game and we can’t afford for the fans not to be there. Let’s not have ridiculous protests of that nature.”

Ridiculous protests? This is our fucking club being dragged in to the ground, that is what is ridiculous. Defending an ownership which has taken us over £700m in debt is ridiculous. Where does Gill get off patronising us like that?

He can go fuck himself and hope whenever we get out of this mess, he is sent packing.


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