Red knights

Renowned football finance expert Keith Harris has offered a lifeline to Manchester United’s mounting debt by confirming he is trying to broker a takeover of the club.

United fan Harris has been labelled as football’s ‘Mr Fixit’ after being involved in several Premier League takeovers, such as welcoming Roman Abramovich to Chelsea and helping Eggert Magnusson take control of West Ham.

“We can lend our weight to doing something for the good of United and for the good of football – none of the takeovers that I have been involved in have involved any debt,” said Harris. “They’ve been takeovers by people who’ve wanted to be involved for reasons other than money.”

“A number of people have been to see me and I’ve had long chats with them,” he continued. “I know there are one or two people in senior positions in the financial services that have access to the capital. We don’t know if the Glazers can be made to listen, but there is serious intent on the part of people who have support in their hearts. The time feels right. The Glazers are playing with an icon of football, one of the most respected brands in the world, and it is in danger. Seventy five pence of every pound (fans) are spending is now going to the Galzers either for themselves or to pay debts.”

Harris wouldn’t name the people he has spoken to, referring to them only as the “Red knights”.

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