Wes Brown, who joined United when he was just 12-years-old, never quite had the career he should have done. Whilst winning plenty of medals and playing an important role in contributing to the success of 2007-2008, injuries stopped him from reaching his potential on a consistent basis.

Wes left the club for Sunderland two years ago, although can still be spotted on United away trips with our fans, and his younger brother, Reece, is still at the club.

Reece, who was just 9-years-old when he joined the club, has just gone out on loan to Ipswich Town, and hails the influence of his older brother.

“My brother keeps an eye on how I’m doing and it’s good to know that someone with his experience is looking out for me,” said Reece. “He’s had a great career and he will often ask for the DVDs of my games to see where I went right and wrong in my performances. It’s great to have him offering bits of advice here and there. People often compare me to my brother but I think we are quite individual and I want to be known for Reece, not Wes.”