Pictures of a banner which said “TBC YEARS” started doing the rounds on the internet last night. Whether it was a photoshopped effort or not is unknown. This lead lots of people to believe that Stretford End Flags would be changing the banner to read “43 YEARS”, to commemorate how long it has been since City won the league.

This would be a disgrace. We’ve all enjoyed laughing at City for going 35 years without a trophy. When you look at some of the small time clubs who have won a trophy in that time whilst City went three decades without even playing in a final, it’s funny. But they finally won something, at long last, so time for the banner to go. It’s not as if they don’t give us plenty of other reasons to laugh at them, is it.

Fortunately, I’ve had it confirmed that the banner won’t be switching the 43 YEARS for Blackpool’s game. The likelihood is it will be replaced with something to celebrate 19 titles, something to thank Edwin Van der Sar or even just left blank.

SEF have organised a Best, Law and Charlton large flag for tomorrow and there will also be a 35,000 seat mosaic to celebrate our 19th title.