The official United mag have got in touch, so you will be seeing an ad from this very site in the next edition of “Inside United”, which is pretty exciting.

I started up the shop after buying a t-shirt from one of the fellas outside Lou Macari’s chippie. It was the League Cup semi-final a couple of years back, just a month or so before we actually went on to win the thing, and a t-shirt caught my eye which I couldn’t really resist.

Three days earlier, Rio scored that injury time winner against the dippers, which lead to the manic celebrations by Nev. The t-shirt had a picture of him holding the badge up with “Gary Neville Is A Red, He Hates Scousers” above it, then “100% red” on the back. I was caught up in the moment and shelled fifteen quid for it.

Now no disrespect to all those selling shirts and scarves around the ground because I’ve only ever bought this particular shirt from outside the ground, but the quality of it was pretty shit. Given my time again, I’d still buy it, because it’s a quality idea and I took much pleasure walking around Manchester less than a week after we’d beaten the dippers wearing my Neville t-shirt with pride. However, the image was pretty low quality, and the t-shirt was paper thin and cheap feeling.

So when I came across a website which allowed you to create your own shop, I was in there. The official shop has the cheesier merchandise, and there are more than enough people who don’t want to be putting their money in Glazer’s pocket. With the RoM shop I’ve combined the quality of product from the megastore with the sentiment of the streetsellers. “United > England”, “He’ll Fuckin Murder You”, “Gary Neville Is A Red”, “We’ll Never Die”, “20legend”, “Red Army”, “From the banks of the River Irwell”, “Take Me Home United Road”, “Manchester Is My Heaven”, and “Park Ate My Dog”, are among some of the designs we have.

The advantage my shop has on both the streetsellers and the megasore is the cost. You can find t-shirts from £8 on there and hoodies from £20. We have polo shirts, girl shirts, badges, bags, jackets etc. all for reasonable prices.

Check out the video which shows some of the designs along with goals from Rooney, Giggs, O’Shea, Solskjaer, Tevez and Vidic.

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