Rio Ferdinand was in court today to give evidence against his stalker, Susanne Ibru.

In his Manchester United tracksuit, Rio talked of how this woman showed up at his house several times, sometimes in the middle of the night, saying things like: “I’m not just a fan” and “Don’t associate me with being a fan, I’m more than that.”

Ibru represented herself in court, meaning she could ask the questions himself.

Rio said he didn’t remember the first time they met which was apparently in 1998 at the home of his stepfather’s mother. “I remember that very well,” Ibru said. “The first time setting my eyes on you, not just in a newspaper.”

After being asked if she had any further questions for the footballer, Ibru said no and he was released from the witness box. As he left the court, she said: “I’ll see you soon, bye.”

Ibru has been found guilty of harassment this afternoon. A warrant has been issued for her arrest though as she has gone missing after lunch.