Rio Ferdinand now has six league titles to his name but has dismissed the possibility of becoming bored by the sucess he has enjoyed at United. Whilst conceding there have been times when they have been more nonchalent than others, most likely when celebrating in 2009 as it was the third consecutive title win, he intends to enjoy this victory as much as any. Making a slight dig at City, who won the title on goal difference with the last kick of the game, Rio Ferdinand is proud to have blown everyone away this season and won the league with four games left to play.

“Winning can’t get boring,” he said. “It’s always sweet when you win the title and it’s nice to do it here at Old Trafford and in the right way, in style. We have won it outright and comfortably. I am still loud as ever, I have already lost my voice but you have got to enjoy it. To be honest with you, we have been a little bit laxidasical about it when we had won a couple in the past, moving on quite quickly. But you have to enjoy it, especially when you get to my age.”

Ferdinand doesn’t want to rank this current squad amongst all the others, who can break the all time league points record if they win their remaining games, as all he cares about is having his name in our history books.

“I think it is pointless trying to compare teams because it is different eras,” Rio told MUTV. “It makes good pub talk and good media talk, but for us, it is neither here nor there – it’s about winning. We’re going to have a winners’ medal by the end of the season and we are delighted about that. To compare us is a waste of time. We respect all of the teams that have gone before us, but we just want to be part of this club’s history.”