Rio Ferdinand has been fined £45k by the FA following his “choc ice” remark on Twitter. Rio had been charged with acting “in a way which was improper and/or bought the game into disrepute by making comments which included a reference to ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race.”

A fan tweeted Rio and called Ashley Cole a “choc ice”, implying that he had betrayed his own race when supporting John Terry in his racial abuse case against Anton Ferdinand. Rio replied to the tweet saying: “I hear you fella! Choc ice is classic! hahahahahahha!!”

Rio had a private hearing last Friday in London and denied the charge. The charge has been found proven but he won’t face a match ban. He has been fined £45k and warned about his future conduct.

Read the FA disciplinary findings in full.

In 2004, Luis Aragones was caught on camera calling Thierry Henry a “black shit”. He was initially fined £2k but in 2007 won an appeal.

“I am a citizen of the world,” he said in his defence. “Some of my best friends are black, including those I have known since childhood. The fact I make a joke in order to motivate a player does not mean I am racist in the slightest.”