Rio Ferdinand will play against brother Anton in tomorrow’s game against QPR. This obviously isn’t the first time they’ve played on opposite sides though, with Anton scoring against us for West Ham but scoring an own goal for us against Sunderland.

Rio says that when he loses he goes in to a big sulk and won’t speak to his other family members for a few days.

“It’s special if we win when we play against each other,” said Rio. “I can enjoy it more, but if we lose I go into hiding and don’t come out. I don’t speak to family or anyone for a few days. I have blanked family and friends at Upton Park before because we have not got the right result. I have just got on the bus and made my way back to Manchester. They have been texting to ask where I am. I don’t reply for a couple of days. I get in a sulk sometimes because I want to win. Sometimes West Ham have needed the result to stay up, or at Sunderland so the rest of the family just go with who needs the results. This time I don’t think they can side with anyone because we both need to win.”