It could have been any player who scored that injury-time winner against Aston Villa, it still would have the moment of the season for a lot of us. The fact that he was a 17-year-old making his debut just added to it. It was bloody brilliant!

Rio Ferdinand was out injured that day so watched the game from the stands, sharing in the emotions the fans felt that day.

“That was a massive, massive goal and an unbelievable moment,” said Rio. “I was going bananas in the stands! You went through all the emotions in that game. At one point they looked like they could score more goals, then we looked like doing the same. Ronny got us back into it and then Macheda came out of nowhere to smash home the winner. The way that game finished just typified the Manchester United spirit – we never ever give up.”

Ferdinand also recognised the contribution, acknowledging that without us the club wouldn’t survive.

“Their support is so important,” he continued. “They travel far and wide and spend a lot of money watching us, and for a lot of them it’s what they live for. We’re very appreciative and it’s only right we say thank you because without them the club wouldn’t survive. And it really is a genuine thank you. The fans support us home and away in all conditions and sing their hearts out which is always great for us to hear.”