Unlike Chelsea captain John Terry, Rio Ferdinand wouldn’t think twice about leaving his club for Manchester City’s money.

Rio, who famously turned many United fans against him after spending several months negotiating a new contract (after missing the best part of a season thanks to his drugs ban), claims you can’t pick a club for the money. I suppose what he means is you can’t play for a club just for the money!

“JT is his own man, he will make his own decision,” Ferdinand said. “For what reason he might go there will be down to him. I’m sure he’ll tell everyone when he decides to come out and speak. Everyone makes their own decisions in life, but if I was leaving United, I wouldn’t go to a team that I didn’t feel was capable of winning trophies. That’s just my feeling. I wouldn’t leave here to go to a team that I didn’t think would finish in the top two or three in the league and be vying for European medals. Whether that’s Man City or not, I don’t know. I’m not sure if they’re going to be championship-winning material.”

Emmanuel Adebayor, the 33rd striker City have signed this summer (or something like that) was more honest than a lot of players have been. There was Gareth Barry, who claimed he wanted to leave Villa to play Champions League football at his peak, then joined City despite them not taking part in any European competition next season. Then there was Carlos Tevez, who claimed he was leaving United for more football, despite that being mathematically impossible, given that City are only competing in three competitions next season. Why all the lies??

“I would like to see one Arsenal fan who worked somewhere for £10 and was offered work elsewhere for £30 to say they would refuse,” Adebayor said. “Yes, they offered me a very fine contract and I have signed it.”

That’s all fine and well isn’t it? I know I’d go for a job that trebled my wages. But then I don’t pledge allegiance to my current employers. It was only a year ago that Adebayor was kissing Arsenal’s badge and now, after flirting with all the top clubs in Europe, he’s signed for City for the money. Still, it would be nice if the other players could be as honest and it would be nicer still if there were more players like Rio, who despite being concerned about money, were more concerned about medals.