The decline of Manchester United was a popular topic in the press back in 2005, with United winning nothing and bombing out of the Champions League at the group stages. You only have to think about how much we were slated after losing two games in a row this season to really remember what it was like for us four years ago.

Rio Ferdinand has reflected on this time but claims he never doubted that the manager would see us through that transitional period.

“Four seasons ago everyone was saying we were finished and that we were a spent force,” said Rio. “But Alex Ferguson calmed us down, told us to take our time and trust him. He assured us it was a transitional period. The results since have proved that. You just have to trust the manager. He has been so successful, so not to have done that would have been crazy. The players stood by everything he has done. I never once thought that it was the end of an era. We have not won the Premier League or the Champions League yet this season, but we are in a great position to do so.”