Q: How’s the team’s reaction to Rooney’s presence?
A: We are all happy he has signed and now we can focus on winning trophies.

Q: What’s your favourite game to warm up to before training and matches?
A: Me and Scholesy play two touch in the dressing room before most games.

Q: Who do you think has been the most valuable player in the squad this season?
A: A hard choice but Nani because of his goals and assists.

Q: After football career do you ever consider starting another career?
A: Dunno. A manager or something to do with TV!

Q: Do you ever have banter with players you’re marking? If so, who’s the funniest?
A: I don’t but Ian Rright used to have a go! He used to be a mad man on the pitch! “What you looking at? You think you’re bad innit!”

Q: What’s your favourite pre match and post match snack?
A: Pre is chicken and pasta. Post is an Indian if no midweek game!

Q: Which English defenders influenced you growing up?
A: Des Walker. One of the most under rated England defenders in my opinion.

Q: What is the craziest thing that fans do to you?
A: Interrupt me when I’m eating. Just don’t do it, I love my food!

Q: What’s your favourite team to use on Fifa 11? Also do you use PS3 or Xbox?
A: Fifa 11 over PES now. I play with Man United on Xbox!

Q: If you weren’t a footballer, which other sporting star would you most liked to have been?
A: Michael Jordan. He’s one man to totally dominate a team sport.

Q: What’s the best car you ever had or driven?
A: An old Aston Martin Vantage, 1980s classic, and Jag XJ.

Q: Who is the greatest player in the world at this moment in time?
A: On current form, Messi and Ronaldo.

Q: What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?
A: Fruit and fibre every morning with my boys before taking them to school then training.