Rio Ferdinand has sung the praises of new manager David Moyes, claiming he is keen to maintain the success of his predecessor.

“We’ve got a manager who’s very enthusiastic,” Ferdinand told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. “He’s young and has got the desire and appetite to be successful. After the manager we had, that was very much needed and he’s someone I would have chosen if I was in a position to. He’s not someone who is looking to come in for three or four years – he’d love to replicate what the manager has done. There were people who’d have come into the job, who maybe wouldn’t have wanted to be here for that amount of time. I’m sure the new manager sees this as a job for the long term. You can’t get away from the fact that the fans, and us as players, expect to win. We’ve been used to it, so to say that the fans won’t mind, that we should give the manager a bit of time to bed in, is lying. We want to win. And I am sure he (Moyes) is the same. He doesn’t want to come in and say ‘give me a three-year bedding in time, I can just dilly-dally and be second or third’.”