Rio Ferdinand has talked about how well he believes this current squad have done this season after losing out on the title on goal difference.

“It’s a cruel way to have lost it,” he said. “But you have to congratulate the other team. Any team that wins it obviously deserves it and they have played well throughout the season. It’s now about us dusting ourselves down and winning the title back next season. This year we’ve had to use our squad to the maximum and that bodes well for the future. That’s one positive we can take from this. I don’t think any other team could have coped the way we have.”

Rio also reflected on how he found out that they hadn’t won the title.

“I got the word during the game that City had scored to make it 2-2,” Rio said. “Then, after our game finished, it went flat and silent, with everyone waiting. The cheers from the home supporters let us know City had scored and the title had gone to them. It’s disappointing.”