Q: Are you planning to spend the rest of your career at United?
A: Of course. I still get a buzz when I go into Carrington to train everyday and I don’t want that to end.

Q: What is the most annoying pre-match ritual you have seen of a player?
A: Paul Robinson spitting copious amounts on the floor before games – not great hygiene!

Q: If you could return to one moment in your career, when would it be, and why?
A: Go back to Rome for the Champions League final and play the whole 90 minutes again. That game kinda passed us by which was so disappointing.

Q: Is Wayne really the best at FIFA? And if so who’s 2nd best?
A: Probably as he plays the most! 2nd is Aaron Lennon or Darren Bent.

Q: What’s your favourite and most memorable goal that you’ve scored?
A: Old Trafford vs Liverpool. That super volley that no goal keeper would have saved. There could have been three keepers in goal and it still would have gone in. What a beautiful touch as well. Plus it was my sons first game! Any more reasons?!

Q: Do you think foreigners really block English talent?
A: In a way yes, but if the talent is good enough they normally come through. Just that now we maybe don’t get the volume.

Q: Why do you enjoy most about playing football professionally, the money or the game?
A: Obviously now there is a lot of money in the game, but as a kid on my estate I loved football for football and that will never change.

Q: If you could have partnered with any CB that ever lived, who would it be?
A: Paul McGrath – great player just shame he had lots of injuries.

Q: What is your favourite song of all time?
A: Papa was a Rolling Stone, The Boss, Human Nature or Juicy.

Q: Out of all the players you have ever played against who would you love to play alongside?
A: Ronaldo (Brazilian) in he’s prime would have been an honour!

Q: What’s the best shirt you’ve got after a game?
A: My own début England shirt will be treasured. There was no way that was being swapped!

Q: If you weren’t Rio Ferdinand, who would you want to be?
A: I’d love to have been a singer like Michael Jackson or Marvin Gaye – great songs and performers!

Q: Will you ever grow your hair back again?
A: Don’t think so,the crazy hair is in the past as I’ve now ‘matured’ my friend!