Last week, RoM readers were given the opportunity to think of questions to be asked by Manchester United players whilst on tour in the States, thanks to KCKRS.

KCKRS: Everyone remembers the grey kits of 95/96, which only lasted a few games. How important is color of the kit to the run of play?

Rio: For me, I’ve never had a problem with the kit affecting the run of play. Obviously, there was an issue then and we won’t be going down that road again.

KCKRS: Do you look good in blue?

Rio: I look good in any color, man. It’s not about the color though, it is about how you play. You have to feel comfortable.

KCKRS: Describe the feeling you had the first time you put on a Manchester United shirt.

Rio: It was more of a desire to go out there and put myself in the history of the club. To make sure that when I left the club, I walked out proud knowing I’d contributed to the history of the club.

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