There were plenty of grumbles from rival fans when it was announced that Gary Neville would be joining the punditry team at Sky Sports. As a player, he was one of the most unpopular around outside of Manchester and none of them wanted him on their telly every week.

Now, even Liverpool and City fans admit he’s the best man in the job, offering a fresh insight and concise analysis of the game. It really puts the work of Match of the Day to shame.

Rio Ferdinand is pleased for the success Neville has had but jokingly claims they would have done anything to shut the former captain up when he was still playing.

“Gary’s found his niche,” said told the official site. “Finally he’s found somewhere where he’s allowed to talk as much as wants. I can’t believe people actually pay him to do it. We would have paid money to shut him up! Seriously, though, Gary talks a lot of sense. There are hundreds of people out there who have played the game to a similar level, but how many of them are as honest as Gary, or can put their points across as concisely as he does? He’s doing a top job. We’re all pleased for him.”