Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Savage have been having a very public row on Twitter, which culminated with this from Rio:

“I think you’re taking your bitterness with getting released by Man Utd out on me. Are you ok?? Still hurting?!”

Earlier on, Savage mocked Rio for getting done by Craig Bellamy in the derby at Old Trafford last season, claiming he was too slow. Rio responded by saying at least he was still in the Premier League. Then Savage started on the England captaincy, claiming Rio would be begging Capello to get the armband back off Gerrard. Then Rio took the piss out of Savage for his behaviour after former red Dion Dublin headbutted him.

“Dion Dublin’s headbutt on you….Do you even remember it?! Lights out! Dion just text and said you were squealing like a little girl?? Cut the horrific barnet and man up!!”