Anyone who knows anything about the English Premier League knows that Manchester United is a formidable opponent. This team always gives the others a run for their money and is often a favourite with bookies. The 2023-2024 season, as highlighted by bookies like Mozzartbet MK, was no different. Finishing in 8th place with 60 points,  Manchester United did its best to keep up with the tough competition. And punters who had wagered in favour of it finishing in the top 10 and avoiding relegation had positive experiences. But as any football fan will tell you, a team is only as good as its players. So, are the rising stars good enough to keep up this momentum?

Top Talent in Manchester United

As each year passes, all teams witness a change in their lineups. Some players phase out, others get injured, and others move to other teams. These changing dynamics necessitate young talent that can fill these holes, which opponents can exploit. So, who’s doing this for Manchester United?

1.   Tyrell Malacia

At only 24, Tyrell has made 39 appearances with the team and has left his fans wanting more. But this is not out of sheer luck. Instead, it ties to his passion for football, which dates back to when he was nine – by this age, he was already playing for Feyenoord. This foundation allowed him to get a professional contract at the age of 15 from the same team before making his senior debut at 17, where the team beat Napoli 2-1. This skilled defender moved to Manchester United in 2022 under Erik ten Hag, where he wowed fans with his early wins against Liverpool and Arsenal.

2.   Aaron Wan-Bissaka

After 190 appearances and two goals, Aaron has made his mark in Manchester United and warmed his way into the hearts of the fans. His professional career as a defender gained traction when he joined Crystal Palace. Before Palace coach Kevin Keen had picked him out, Aaron had been playing as a forward or up the flank. But Kevin saw his potential in defence and moved him to this position where he proved to be a natural. In June 2019, Aaron moved to Manchester United, scoring his first goal against Newcastle in 2020. While an injury got in his way in the 2022/2023 season, the 26-year-old is eager to start making waves again.

3.   Willy Kambwala

This 19-year-old might be new to professional football, but he’s already gotten people talking after only nine appearances. But people did not start eyeing his prowess recently. Instead, his fame started back when he led France under-16s. So, when Manchester United made him an offer, and he accepted it, people were eager to see how this would transform the team. His debut in 2020 showcased his speed and intelligence, proving this was a sustainable and profitable transfer. And despite his injury in the 2020-2021 season, this defender actively made up for this in the next two seasons, which saw him join the senior matchday squad.

4.   Amad

As one of the best young winners in Europe, Amad has many eyes set on his progress. The 21-year-old winger has made 21 appearances and scored 3 goals in his time with Manchester United. The Abidjan-born player started his career in Italy, where he trained with Boca Barco as a young boy. So impressive was he that Serie A clubs soon scouted him, paving the way for him to join Atalanta in 2015. His progress was fast; he soon started playing with the senior groups before he was 16. His small stature, incredible speed, and versatility saw him move to Manchester United in 2020, where he’s expected to keep stunning his fans.

These amazing footballers have wowed their fans and teammates with their skills and are set to take over the Reds in a few years. Their hard work and discipline have already paid off for the club management and punters, who have been enjoying good streaks that are predicted to get even better in the coming season. Fans and punters can only expect better results as the team continues to invest more in its talent.