Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t do his bid for World Player of the Year any favours last week as he featured in Portugal’s 6-2 defeat at the hands of Brazil. Kaka, Robinho and Fabiano all stole the show, leaving Ronaldo incredibly frustrated, lashing out at the opposition and failing to leave his mark on the game.

He found himself wound up at Villa Park at the weekend, unable to find the break through whilst he was fouled by his opponents and jeered by the home crowd. Again, Ronaldo couldn’t keep his emotions under control, and resorted to interacting with the crowd, telling them he was ‘number one’.

Ahead of this weekend’s derby at Wastelands, Robinho has tried to get under Ronaldo’s skin, but will it work?

“We are all looking forward to the match with United,” Robinho said. “We have a good chance to win. At home, in our stadium, we are always favourites. Plus, it would be great for Elano and I to repeat the victory we had with Brazil against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal.”

Do you think these remarks will have a negative or positive effect on Ronaldo?